My Loves – 2020

Here are the 20 things I love as I move into 2020….no particular order, just where my heart is right now! 

  1. Camping – I love being outside, waking up in nature, and a good campfire! 
  2. Cooking – I enjoy preparing a meal…not the 20 minutes to get something on the table or eat in the car kinda meal, but spending time in the kitchen creating something good for my family.
  3. Cookbooks – On that note, I LOVE cookbooks, they are my favorite reading material! 
  4. My home – it is cozy, warm, friendly, homey, and truly feels like our sanctuary from the outside world…a soft, safe place to recharge. 
  5. Who I share my home with – They make my life a bundle of fun and I get tremendous satisfaction out of caring for them.
  6. My dog, Oaklie – she is forever in a good mood, brings a light and energy to our home that is tangible and felt by everyone.
  7. Instagram – I love capturing photos and having a place to share them with family and friends.
  8. Chatbooks – On the Instagram note, I must also throw in Chatbooks, I love having a way to take my Insta photos and create an instant scrapbook! 
  9. Working out – I haven’t loved this in the past, but in 2019 I started lifting weights and doing metabolic conditioning and I truly enjoy it, I feel stronger, leaner, and more confident….doesn’t hurt that I’m doing it with a great tribe of women! 
  10. Being out on the water – specifically Lake Powell, a lake surrounded by red rock in southern Utah.
  11. Writing – I love to journal by making lists, I make lists of what makes me happy, things I enjoy about my home, what I thoroughly enjoy about each of my kids and my hubs, house projects, you name it, I write it down….I have a beautiful notebook to keep it all in. 
  12. Good Calendar – I really enjoy my Happy Planner, it has great color, design, stickers, and good energy.
  13. Parenting – I love parenting, the good and the bad…I also enjoy talking about it with others, hearing advice from others, offering advise, talking strategies, etc.
  14. Good Magazine – I love reading magazines, here are few of my favs, This Old House, The Cottage Journal, and Country Living
  15. Gardening, Plants, and Landscape – Nothing is more fulfilling than getting my hands dirty, planting, or outdoor projects.
  16. Home Projects -Being handy is a skill that my Dad taught me, he taught me basic plumbing, electrical, woodworking, tile work and home maintenance. There is such a sense of accomplishment in creating or fixing something with my own hands.
  17. Podcasts – I LOVE podcasts that incorporate life coaching, provoke thought and feeling. One of my all time favs, Better Than Happy
  18. Quotes – Words that evoke emotion.
  19. Home Decor – Using found things, new things, re-invented things to create a space I love.
  20.  Gathering with Friends – Whether it is a casual driveway party on Halloween or a dinner party with candles…..good people feed my soul.

Take a few minutes to reflect and create your own list of the 20 things that make you happy and that you are loving right now.  I hope your list warms your heart! 

Happy Happy Happy 2020,




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