Holding Up….Holding On

Did we ever think we’d be facing a global pandemic, sheltering at home, the uncertain economy, fully online school? 

The answer is No…..

Our future is a mystery, but the good news, it has ALWAYS been a mystery. 

We didn’t know in January what was in store in March 2020.  The uncertainty can be scary and overwhelming. But here is what I have to offer you…..

Life has always been a mystery, we never knew what was ahead or what to expect…..that hasn’t changed.  So now we focus on what we do have control over……. You can control YOU! You can control how you choose to respond and react.  Do you feed into the fear or do you choose to focus on knowing we will move through this?  YOU CONTROL YOU! 

You control your thoughts, mind, reactions, responses, and attitude.  I know you may feel overwhelmed, overworked, scared, tired, nervous, and unsure.  KNOW that is NORMAL and everyone feels that at some point. 

When you have these thoughts and feelings, allow yourself to feel it and move through it and tell your brain to re-direct the focus. 

Try and focus on something you enjoy (a hobby, a craft, music), the things within your control (making a good meal, your + attitude, your garden, your home),  or the goodness that you have around you (your family, your children, your partner, your pets, your home).

This conscience effort of redirecting your negative thoughts will become a habit and you will feel and see the change in yourself. 

I am glad you are Holding Up, Hold on….we will move thru this, together.IMG_0321

Much Love, 



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