When to Push…

How do we know when to push our kids to move from good to great or nice effort to extraordinary effort?  It is hard to know…as parents we want our kids to put in extraordinary effort, work hard, and accomplish amazing things.  

But what happens when our kids put in minimal effort and still achieve??? It may not be achieving AMAZING things but they are getting the job done.  When we push our kids to do more, work harder, perform at a higher level what does that do for them?  What does that do for our relationship with them? Does that teach them to dig deeper? 

I am not sure and I am not sure I have the answers….

Here is what I do know….

Kids (or at least some of MY kids) need to be pushed in the direction of greatness.  I have one child who is a self-motivator and she strives for greatness, she works hard, she performs at a high level.  I have another daughter who needs consistent motivation, she is a really good student, but doesn’t have to work hard to perform at a high level, could she do more?  YES!  So she needs that push, that motivation, that attention.  I feel that as parents when we push toward greatness, when we encourage greater effort, when we aim for that higher level….We are establishing our expectations. 

I am a firm believer that our kids are a reflection of OUR expectations, so we must aim high. 


sunset beach people sunrise

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My Journey…

Through a casual conversation with my dearest friend Rochelle, the journey of my blog came alive to me….I thank her for helping me see my journey more clearly. xoxo Ro

I don’t proclaim to be an expert on life, positive living, parenting, wife-ing, spirituality, or anything else…. I simply want to have an impact on how people view the world and their life.  We are bombarded everyday with things that are hard, frustrating, annoying, busy, frenzied and how we manage it is a choice and it is easy to get stuck in the frustrating/negative spin of life.  Living in the negative or focusing on the frustration is an easy place to land.  Don’t get me wrong….I get bogged down, I get irritated, I get frustrated, I get mad….but I don’t want to stay in that space or live there. 

I want to offer a different perspective and path, a different way to view your daily actions and interactions.  I want to be intentional about how I act, react, and present myself.  I also want to seek joys in everyday and I want to focus on all the good, sweet, nice, kind moments rather than get bogged down in the irritation that happens to all of us daily. 

I also want to be an intentional parent, meaning be present with my kids, do things with purpose, do things with kindness, give them tools and skills to manage their life in a purposeful way, help them navigate their struggles with grace and dignity.  

Focusing on goodness, twisting chaotic moments into sweet memories, searching for joys in each day isn’t always easy…it is the trail less traveled, but I am determined to take and make the trail. 

I am excited for the journey and look forward to where it takes me.


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God Speak to Me…

Does anyone else feel like certain moments are made just for you?  Like God has created this perfect moment just for you and you were meant to see it, feel it and embrace it.  I am a very spiritual person and I feel there is a difference between spirituality and religion.  I go to church occasionally but I go to refill my cup, when I need a reboot.  I don’t go every week or even once a month because I feel that connection with God or whomever you choose to worship to is about connecting daily.  Seeing the presence in the beauty that is around you, the sky, the sunlight, the landscape, children, kind gestures from your spouse or partner, how things feel, kind words….you get the idea.  

The other day as I drove to work I took a picture of the sky, it was very similar to my borrow pic below….I truly felt it was God speaking to me.  It touched me deeply and I had a sense of calm, felt good, and it kinda made my day go from good to great. 

I think it is important that we all be fierce seekers of everyday magic and look for moments where God speaks directly to us. 


green meadows under cloudy skies

And away we go….

I think we have the ability to move thru our day and never really pause long enough to enjoy or appreciate the simple joys.  By simple joys I mean things that bring a smile to our face or something that makes us happy.  We get bogged down in work, running kids, making dinner, exercise, our schedule, tasks, and we forget the pause.  These simple joys don’t have to be major things like a vacation, new car, date night, etc.  Not that those things are great, but I challenge you to be more intentional, I want you move thru the day, pause long enough to find at least three simple things that bring joy.For me today, it was my five year old searching for my had before we crossed the parking lot, my 44 oz. drink that I ran to grab on my lunch hour, the sounds that I heard as I sat in my garden at the end of the day, the birds, the kids in the distance laughing, the waterfall, and the breeze.Pause….and find the simple joys.Holly