Our DNA…

As I was listening to the radio the other day, I heard sound bite…I have no idea what the topic was or when the program was going to air, all I heard was a man say,

“What we believe becomes our DNA.” 

This statement hit me at my core, I thoughts about how profound and yet simple it really is…..

What we think and believe does become who we are….and for many reading this you may think, “of course is does” and I agree our religious beliefs, our morals, our values, what we hold sacred all become part of the DNA……but I want to simplify it further.

What we believe about ourselves, what we believe about others, what we think when we see someone who is different from us, how we react to difficult situations, how we choose to treat others, this all becomes part of our DNA too….it is who we are.

If you have religious values and a good moral compass but then sit in judgment of others without knowing their story, or make judgement about others because they don’t share your religious choices, or they indulge in something you don’t like or aren’t kind and considerate towards others…..your values and morals are in direct conflict with your current thinking.  When this happens, what really is your DNA?  All the good stuff, your religious beliefs, your morals, your values or is the judgement, unwillingness to be accepting, the irritation, the lack of consideration??

I believe it is critical that we strive to ensure that our moral compass and values match our; daily interactions with others, conversations, kind thoughts about ourselves, and ALL of the thoughts that run through our heads that never make it out of our mouths…..

It isn’t just the big stuff that makes up who we are, it is how we view the world everyday, the conversations we have in our own head about how we view ourselves, it is the small simple kind words and gestures we use when interacting with family, friend and strangers….this is all part of our DNA.  


sunset hands love woman

Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com



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