Your Own Path….

When I have quiet time in the car, sometime I listen to music, sometimes talk radio and sometimes Joel Osteen, his messages offer me a ‘pick me up’ that, at times, I need.  It is a quick spiritual reboot, if you will.  🙂

The other day he shared a message that I really liked, I have tried to find the message since on his blog because I only caught the end….so far, no luck.

His message was about keeping up with others and he described that as we try and keep up with others we for-go our own skills, talents, and natural abilities and we don’t have the tools needed to move down someone else’s path, this leaves us feeling uncomfortable, struggling for success, or unhappy.  He said it far better…but you get the idea.  The message was pretty powerful….

The message really spoke to me, over the next several days I thought about it over and over again….Thinking about the truth behind his statement. 

For me….sometimes I get caught up in what other moms are doing and I think…I should be doing that too and when I go off course from what I know and do…I start to struggle. I am not trying to be boastful but for the most part, I think I am a pretty good mom and wife…..I have good relationships with my kids, we chat about hard stuff, they come to me with some pretty difficult topics and my hubs and I are a great team.  But….all too often I see something or hear something that someone else is doing and think, “I should do that instead of what I am doing” and it never brings me peace and enjoyment, the reason, I am trying too hard and I don’t have the tools to be successful on their path

 At times we get caught up in our friends and colleagues bigger house, boat, vacations, toys, etc. and it may lead us down a path of trying to keep up or wanting more….the truth is that seeking out things or changing our behaviors for the wrong reasons doesn’t lead us down OUR path, the path where we find joy, we have great comfort, and where our natural abilities shine. 

So stay the course my friend, you are doing the right things, you have the tools needed for your own path, there is nothing wrong with striving for more, the larger home, the amazing vacation, the toys….just make sure you are doing it because it enriches the path you are already on….. 




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