When to Push…

How do we know when to push our kids to move from good to great or nice effort to extraordinary effort?  It is hard to know…as parents we want our kids to put in extraordinary effort, work hard, and accomplish amazing things.  

But what happens when our kids put in minimal effort and still achieve??? It may not be achieving AMAZING things but they are getting the job done.  When we push our kids to do more, work harder, perform at a higher level what does that do for them?  What does that do for our relationship with them? Does that teach them to dig deeper? 

I am not sure and I am not sure I have the answers….

Here is what I do know….

Kids (or at least some of MY kids) need to be pushed in the direction of greatness.  I have one child who is a self-motivator and she strives for greatness, she works hard, she performs at a high level.  I have another daughter who needs consistent motivation, she is a really good student, but doesn’t have to work hard to perform at a high level, could she do more?  YES!  So she needs that push, that motivation, that attention.  I feel that as parents when we push toward greatness, when we encourage greater effort, when we aim for that higher level….We are establishing our expectations. 

I am a firm believer that our kids are a reflection of OUR expectations, so we must aim high. 


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2 thoughts on “When to Push…

  1. As a new mom, this is wonderful to read. My favorite is your last statement, “Our kids are a reflection of our expectations, so we must aim high”. It also made me question am I living up to my own expectations? Am I aiming high for my goals? After all our kids do watch our every move we make. If we ourselves are not striving for greatness then how do we expect our kids to do the same. I hope to always guide Jaxton to greatness and his full potential. His future is BRIGHT! 🙂

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    • ❤️You are an amazing mom, I know this because you are aware and thinking how can I be my best self for my family, as long as you continue to push for greatness, you will continue to grow, strive, and thrive…..and that’s exactly what Jaxton and Abe need from you and they will follow your beautiful example.


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