My Journey…

Through a casual conversation with my dearest friend Rochelle, the journey of my blog came alive to me….I thank her for helping me see my journey more clearly. xoxo Ro

I don’t proclaim to be an expert on life, positive living, parenting, wife-ing, spirituality, or anything else…. I simply want to have an impact on how people view the world and their life.  We are bombarded everyday with things that are hard, frustrating, annoying, busy, frenzied and how we manage it is a choice and it is easy to get stuck in the frustrating/negative spin of life.  Living in the negative or focusing on the frustration is an easy place to land.  Don’t get me wrong….I get bogged down, I get irritated, I get frustrated, I get mad….but I don’t want to stay in that space or live there. 

I want to offer a different perspective and path, a different way to view your daily actions and interactions.  I want to be intentional about how I act, react, and present myself.  I also want to seek joys in everyday and I want to focus on all the good, sweet, nice, kind moments rather than get bogged down in the irritation that happens to all of us daily. 

I also want to be an intentional parent, meaning be present with my kids, do things with purpose, do things with kindness, give them tools and skills to manage their life in a purposeful way, help them navigate their struggles with grace and dignity.  

Focusing on goodness, twisting chaotic moments into sweet memories, searching for joys in each day isn’t always easy…it is the trail less traveled, but I am determined to take and make the trail. 

I am excited for the journey and look forward to where it takes me.


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One thought on “My Journey…

  1. This is so inspirational Holly! Almost brought me to tears. I’ve been bogged down all day, but I feel it is so important to be present and to enjoy life. Thank you for making my day better!

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