God Speak to Me…

Does anyone else feel like certain moments are made just for you?  Like God has created this perfect moment just for you and you were meant to see it, feel it and embrace it.  I am a very spiritual person and I feel there is a difference between spirituality and religion.  I go to church occasionally but I go to refill my cup, when I need a reboot.  I don’t go every week or even once a month because I feel that connection with God or whomever you choose to worship to is about connecting daily.  Seeing the presence in the beauty that is around you, the sky, the sunlight, the landscape, children, kind gestures from your spouse or partner, how things feel, kind words….you get the idea.  

The other day as I drove to work I took a picture of the sky, it was very similar to my borrow pic below….I truly felt it was God speaking to me.  It touched me deeply and I had a sense of calm, felt good, and it kinda made my day go from good to great. 

I think it is important that we all be fierce seekers of everyday magic and look for moments where God speaks directly to us. 


green meadows under cloudy skies

3 thoughts on “God Speak to Me…

  1. I LOVE “Fierce Seeker of Everyday Magic”! Do you feel as though you’ve had to train yourself to look for those moments? Sometimes I feel like I forget and get lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

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    • Absolutely, I’m always on the hunt for tender, sweet, magical moments….some days these moments don’t seem to exist, they are tiny things that may be somewhat insignificant but I just decide I will appreciate whatever it is…..other days I’m blow away and overwhelmed with emotion at how many amazing things happen. Seeking these moments out and appreciating them helps me connect with my kids and hubs and helps reignite my love affair with my family and truly, life.


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